Wassily Khudyakov

Wassily has been working as a museum restorer for more than ten years now, and more recently as a self-employed restorer.

Three days a week he works at National Museum ‘Palace Het Loo’ in Apeldoorn, where he established the painting restoration studio in 2007. There he is currently restoring the Palace’s collection as well as the objects that are on loan there from other Dutch museums. Thus most of his employers are museums.

At the Palace he works together with the restorers of wood, textiles and metals. Through the co-operation with these disciplines, combined objects and collections can be treated successfully. 


Besides working for museums, Wassily also works for private collections belonging to individuals and collectors. The treatment of these objects is exactly the same as for museum objects, Wassily does not discriminate between the two. Every object is unique and is treated according to the ethical norms as set by the European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers Organisations (E.C.C.O.) Click here for E.C.C.O. Ethical code (PDF).


By combining the old techniques as learnt at the Art Academy in Russia with the techniques learnt during internships, courses and studio experiences in the west, Wassily represents a unique combination of two very different schools of thought.


Wassily Khudyakov works according to the ethical norms as set by the European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers Organisations (E.C.C.O.). The intervention is therefore always implemented to serve the object, and most interventions are reversible. The materials and techniques used will restore the object to its authetical state, and insure a lasting good condition.


Apart from restoration, Wassily also performs tasks such as the inventory of the condition of paintings and advising in conservation, preservation and management thereof.

Occasionally he gives lectures on his subject, and tutors interns from the Master course in Restoration at the University of Amsterdam and other institutions.


For the acquisition of an object, Wassily can advise you on location about the condition and the eventual costs for restoration.


It is your own responsibility to ensure full transport, theft and damage insurance coverage for objects that are in the studio for restoration. Please check with your insurer whether a temporary adjustment to your insurance is required.


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